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Hi, I’m Christa! I’m a military spouse and boy mom, I’ve built two six-figure companies from the ground up but was left exhausted, stressed and absentee “in life”. Then, I saw a mom on TikTok share her side hustle success story that had she and so many others earning 6 figures in just 5 months, it took me months of following, but I FINALLY took the plunge!

Join me on this journey to financial freedom and launch your own affiliate marketing business. All you need is 1-2 hours a day, a phone or computer, WiFi, and a burning desire for financial freedom.

Check out my free eBook and Dave’s quick video that jump started my journey. Don’t wait like I did; make 2023 your year to live the life you love, starting now!


Who I am

Story of my life!

Hi my name is Christa. I am a military spouse and mom to an amazing little boy.

I have spent the last (almost) decade building two multiple six-figure, companies from the ground up and was exhausted (both physically and mentally) and always stressed out. I gained 45lbs+, had a terrible time sleeping, and felt like I was always missing out on time with my family. The worst part was when I was present, physically, my head was always wrapped into work and I was missing out on so much, it was no way to live.

In the fall of 2022 I started following a mom on TikTok talk about a side hustle that generated tens of thousands of dollars a month, and in 5 months she was well over $100k in profit, from a side hustle, that she learned with the skills of a 12 year old (no joke)!

I couldn’t believe it and because I was so doubtful, it took me MONTHS to take the plunge! Now I wish I had started sooner!

I took a 15 day challenge which is an amazing $7 course that gives you the tips, tricks and tools to launch your very own Affiliate Marketing business, and it changed my life and my family’s life, forever!

I am happy, I am able to spend time with my family, and am starting enjoy life again!

I am still on my journey but if I can do this, there’s nothing stopping you!

All you need is 1-2 hours a day, WiFi, a phone or computer and a burning desire to live a FINANCIALLY FREE life you love!!

Don’t wait like I did! Make 2023 YOUR year, starting NOW!

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